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boost Conversion Rates

Boost Conversions

We send only happy and ready-to-buy customers to your store with conversion rates as high as 200%

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

We take out any guessing game when it comes to choosing your products. We make it a no brainer purchse

Stand Out

Stand Out

We help you stand out in the competitive makeup industry and build meaningful connections with your audience

Their services exceeded my expectations. The team is highly professional and dedicated. I highly recommend them!

Kim Davidson

Kim Davidson

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Our Process

What goes on behind the scenes to create magic

try before you buy

Try On Virtually, Buy Confidently

Engaging AR ad creatives let customers virtually try on makeup products. No more second-guessing - they'll love it before they buy it!


  • 90% Increase in Sales
  • 79% Increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • 50% Reduction in Return Rates

Influencer Collaboration

Micro influencers, big impact! Handpicked influencers with high engagement on your chosen platform convert loyal followers into brand purchasers.


  • 120% Increase in Customer Engagement
  • 94% Increase in Brand Awareness
  • 60% Increase in Conversion Rates
try before you buy
try before you buy

User Generated Content (UGC)

Our UGC Campaigns encourage customers to share entertaining content related to your brand, fostering engagement and loyalty. Watch engagement soar as your audience becomes brand advocates!


  • 83% Increase in Conversion Rates
  • 72% Increase in Brand Loyalty
  • 60% Increase in User Engagement

Brand Community Hub

We cultivate an online hub where your customers connect and interact, creating powerful brand advocates in the process centered around your brand.


  • 70% Reduction in Lifetime Value
  • 45% Increase in Social Media Engagement
  • 30% Reduction in Ad Spend
try before you buy
try before you buy

Our Private Community

Become a part of our exclusive professional community, connecting with like-minded peers and accessing daily resources, absolutely free.


  • 200+ High Networth Makeup Leaders
  • 120+ Private Resources and Guides
  • Weekly Online Meetups, Seminars and Coffee Meetings

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This is perfect for you if

  • ✅ You are overwhelmed by the competitive makeup industry
  • ✅ You need to expand your brand's online presence
  • ✅ You want to elevate your brand with influencers with high engagement rate on social media
  • ✅ You need authentic and engaging user generated content
  • ✅ You struggle to connect with your target audience
  • ✅ You seek efficient marketing solutions that actually work
  • ✅ You keep getting the same old boring or worse results
  • ✅ You are worried about standing out in the industry
  • ✅ You desire a passionate and connected community of like minded professionals
  • ✅ You need innovative marketing techniques to drive sales and increase brand loyalty

Popular Packages

Watch the video above before choosing a plan

Radiant Pro



  • 1 AR experience
  • 1 Micro Influencer
  • 10 Days of UGC Campaign
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Monthly Reports


Elite Max



  • 3 AR Experiences
  • 2 Micro Influencers
  • 20 Days of UGC Campaign
  • Brand Community
  • Creative Brief
  • Bi-Weekly Reports
  • Private Group Access

Bespoke Ultra



  • 5 AR Experiences
  • 3 Micro Influencers
  • 30 Days of UGC Campaign
  • Brand Community
  • Creative Brief
  • AI Assisted Campaigns
  • Social Media Optimization
  • In-depth Weekly Reports
  • Private Group Access

A personal note from Tochi

Creative Director of Ingenium Space

Hey there, thank you for making it this far. Your time is valuable, and I truly appreciate your interest. I am thrilled that you found your way here.

I understand the challenges of this industry - it's not a walk in the park. We are more than just a service. We're here to make a difference, amplify your voice, and connect you with your customers seamlessly.

With us, building a winning relationship with your audience becomes an achievable reality, and guess what? We'll have a blast along the way!

Creative Director

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